Our farm is like no other. Sure we have chickens and bees and of course a barn.. but we also do something very dear to us. We adopt senior dogs.

We have always had a soft spot for animals but our hearts swoon for tiny senior dogs.. that's right ..we have a 'type.'

In 2015, a few months before we got married at our farm, we adopted Itzie. Itzie was a 9 yr old shih tzu mix. His owner had dropped him off at the shelter for reasons we are not sure of. When we went to meet Itzie we were told he experienced daily seizures (although at the time, his foster didn't know what they were). Itzie was mostly bald from an untreated thyroid condition. He had deformed front paws so he had a swagger when he walked ;)

We took him home with us that night and that is when our love and journey began with senior dogs. 

Itzie was with us only 10 months. He passed away with his pack surrounding him on June 13, 2016.

Each dog we adopt is given the absolute best. We don't think about how little time left but rather how life is just about to begin <3

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