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It's Maple Syrup season!

The sap has started to flow a but earlier this year. We had a warm streak the week of February 20. Temperatures got as high as 68 by the end of the week.. which is actually too warm for sap. Ideal temps are freezing at night and 40s for a day time temp.

Thus far, we have collected 150 gallons of sap which will equal about 3 gallons of maple syrup. Ratio is 40 gallons of sap to 1 gallon of syrup. (Walnut trees are 60 to 1 and seemingly much harder)

On this particular day, the sap was flowing really good!

My dad has been making maple syrup since I can remember!

We had gotten some snow over the weekend. The sap cooked down for several days.

The first round and finished product!

The Vintage Chicken